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Malaysia Deco: 12 Smart and Chic Ways to Decorate Every Awkward Nook

Every house has empty corners which are awkward to decorate. However, we can use this space-making opportunity to transform them into fun and useful spots that make life at home easier. Luckily, corner decoration can be easy. All it takes is an indoor plant, a floating shelves, an accent chair, or a gallery wall.

There are many ways to fill in an empty corner to make the room’ décor look balanced. Thus, there is no reason to be worried if you have empty corners at home. We will show you 12 smart and chic ways to polish off every awkward nook at home.

1. A Small Functional and Stylish Corner Table

A small yet functional corner table is indeed useful to act as a storage place at the same time making the room look stylish and beautiful. Put a candle and some flowers on top to make it look even more elegant.

2. Fake a Playroom

Need a suggestion to fire up a children’s imagination? Transform a bare corner into an enchanting playhouse and use a compact shelving unit to create storage for playthings.

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3. Get a Corner Bookcase

The empty corner in your house is an excellent opportunity to turn a naked nook into a useful bookcase and IKEA has countless bookcase series for you to choose from.

This canopy is not only gorgeous, but it also offers privacy for you to concentrate while reading your favorite novel. It is a great place to read, listen to music, or meditate at your own pace.

4. Fuel Your Caffeine Addiction

If you do not have enough space in your kitchen, having a small corner all for yourself to make morning coffee or lattes is nothing but heaven.

5. Get a Stylist Cabinet for Storage

We can never be enough with extra storage. Get a smart small space solution like this cabinet that designed to fit tight corners so that it won’t look awkward.

6. Carve Out a Nursery

Here’s a trendy way to make room for babies. Bold wall art like this colorful decal not only creates a big statement in a small space, but it can also carve out a spot for a nursery. Killing two bird with one stone.

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7. Add Floating Shelves

Squeeze as many needed storage space by adding floating shelves that wrap around corners to make use of every single corner in the room. These open shelves are perfect for an awkward corner between two walls. It is also a great place to store items that are both functional and decorative.

8. Corner Bench with Seating and Storage

Turn an empty corner into a small sitting area with customize built-in bench. The “L” shaped bench can be both sitting areas and also storage space underneath. Throw some decorative pillows to enhance the appearance.

9. Make a DIY Gallery Wall

Adding some wall art can change an empty corner into a focal point in a tiny room. Add your dream gallery wall by using an eye-catching piece of art or a monochromatic art. This will unexpectedly draw your eyes towards the painting instead of a neglected space.

“Hanging artwork at the same height will give you a more traditional look, or hang one lower than the other if you want more of an asymmetrical, contemporary vibe.”

10. Store Extra Clothing

Hanging extra clothes in an open space can be chic and fashionable. We love to hang some clothes with iron clothes rack in the empty corner to make it look chic again.

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11. Brighten Up a Corner in Greenery

If you are not interested to build shelves or add a wall gallery, add a small indoor plant can be the simplest solution to an awkward corner. It brings dimensions, texture, and a much-needed greenery look in a room.

While an indoor plant adds a fresh nature-inspired vibe, it is also a fantastic way to create a sophisticated look by hanging some from the ceiling. Hanging a terrarium in the corner from the ceiling will not make the space cluttered.

12. Display Accent Lighting

For a better look, add some accent lighting against the corner wall to create shadows. A salt lamp for a soft glow or a floor plan will add some extra drama to the atmosphere of a room.

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