Malaysia Deco: 10 Sustainable DIY Reclaimed Wood Craft Ideas for Your Home

Thinking whether or not you should throw that old wooden crate away? Don’t! Upcycling reclaimed wood is no doubt one of the biggest trends in home decor right now. Don’t worry if you don’t have an old wooden crate, you can search for wood from abandoned local structures. Bonus point if you manage to get a wooden pallet, they are a great source if you’re just starting out.  Here’s a list of 10 perfect DIY woodworking projects to spruce up your home and create that vintage look. 

1. Planter Boxes

2. Wooden Headboard

3. Wine Racks

4. Light Fixtures

5. Wall Shelves

6. Magazine Holder / Mail Organizer

7. Wooden Wall Art

8. Mirror Frame

9. Hanging Plant Shelves

10. Toilet Shelves / Bathroom Shelves

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