Malaysia Bathroom Ideas: 8 Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas That Inspire You to be Bold

Wallpaper is the best way to transform a room since it doesn’t take up any useable space yet instantly injects personal style. This makes wallpaper especially well-suited for a bathroom, where space tends to be limited and functionality is absolutely necessary. And you don’t need a ton of natural light for a wallpaper to pop, so it can embolden even a low-lit or lackluster bathroom. To get inspired, keep reading for eight fearless and fun bathroom wallpaper ideas and design tips. 

1. Swirls of Marble

Here is a proof you don’t need to completely redo the bathroom to make it feel fresh. The original wainscoting complements the paper and makes the powder room feel more formal.

2. Monochromatic Clouds

This bathroom black stained wood flooring, angular railing, and simple black square mirror make this space feel distinctly modern while the Victorian bones make it feel like a total classic. The gorgeous cloud-print wallpaper perfectly bridges the two.

3. Edgy florals

Modern, photorealist interpretations of classic designs are popping up everywhere. In this bathroom, the digitized floral wallpaper both softens up and enhances the edgy bathroom sink.

4. Rustic Meets Elegant

This powder room tells a story about the home and its owners. Farmer chose to display the wife’s family’s silver trays on top of the Thistle wallpaper for a personal decorative touch. It’s all about layers and textures.

5. Moody Ombré Vibes

Now here’s how you make a bold statement in a smaller space. This powder room knows how to set a mood. It’s all about shape, material, and color. The ombré design of the wallpaper collection is inspired by twilight skies. Paired with sexy marble vanity, rose gold fittings, modern light fixture, and a frameless mirror, the whole space captures that beautiful, hard-to-pin-down, in-between moment of dusk when the light begins to fade.

6. Timeless Black and White Toile

Lead all eyes to the show-stopping statement of the master bathroom by framing the walls around it in a complementary pattern. In this classic space, the traditional toilet a fanciful touch against the striking, geometric, and modern shower.

7. DIY Wallpaper

Instead of spending a ton of money on the wallpaper, make your own! Give your walls some oomph and treat it like a canvas for your collage project by putting up old magazine pages vintage ads or posters. In this bathroom, the vintage magazine scraps play up the retro feel of the tiles.

8. Serene and Romantic

A light wallpaper like in this bathroom keeps things feeling sweet and airy. The modern mirror above the sink, as well as the contemporary blush pink bulb, make it feel like the perfect blend between elegant and on-trend. For a similar look, try a neutral and whimsical wallpaper but then bring in modern touches and rich materials to add character.

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