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Malaysia Bathroom: Avoid Making These 5 Mistakes When Organizing Your Bathroom

Organizing your bathroom can be always challenging especially when you have an insanely tiny bathroom in your apartment. When you open the drawer and the items aren’t contained, it is an organizational red flag to you and it’s time to re-organize them. The key to create functional systems is where items are contained and have their designated home so that you know where to look for them when you need it. So, are you ready to find out how to tackle some of the most common bathroom organizational mistakes?

Avoid these 5 mistakes to get your bathroom insta-worthy!

1. Not Creating Zones For Your Products

As a general rule of thumb, zoning your products into a few core categories is vital to make sure you know where your products are. You will almost always be organizing your items into these groupings: face, hair, dental, bath, makeup, travel, back stocks, and body.

While having all your daily items easily accessible is crucial, keeping them off the counters will help the space feel clean and tidy as you start your day. Create zones for your daily products such as drawer organizer for toothbrushes, make-up caddy that can be easily taken out and put away is so much more convenient in the long-run.

2. Not Purging Before Organizing

Get tough when purging. Ask yourself if you still need all those fancy face creams that you never use at all? Any expired medication and skin products? Start the process of organizing your bathroom with a serious purge of all the non-essentials. You’ll be amazed at what you don’t need when you take a closer look.

This means taking everything out, creating groupings, and paring down your items is no exception. It’s the only way to fully access your bathroom space. It will also give you a chance to take better measurements of the space, which is important when choosing storage containers. The wrong product can add to the clutter.

3. Overlooking Consistency

When buying storage containers, buy them in the same collection or at least the same color. Consistency is key to elevate the space of your bathroom. The ones that are mismatched will make it look messier than it already is.

4. Overstocking Everything

Just because it’s a bathroom item, doesn’t mean you have to stock everything inside your bathroom. For instance, keep extra shampoo, toilet paper, soap, towel, and skincare products in another closet in order to keep your storage space look spacious and clutter-free. Only keep those items that are used daily.

5. Not Making the Most of Usable Space

If a drawer is deep, don’t use shallow inserts, use more modular ones instead. Also, take advantage of the height, width, length, and depth of every space, even negative space like a floor or wall. You will be amazed by how much they can actually help to create the dimension of your bathroom space.

Ensure each piece in your bathroom has its form and function. It’s important to have things that you love in everyday use, but equally important that they help your space function at the highest level.

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