Malaysia Balcony Ideas: 6 Amazing Décor Inspirations to Refresh and Revive Your Balcony

The balcony is a dream of most people living in city apartments, even if it is just a small balcony. They are an outdoor space of the house where we get the fresh air, quality time to relax and enjoy the sun-kissed morning and evenings.

We can also practice yoga if our balcony is big enough to place the yoga mat. Anything from leg-stretched exercise or a busy phone call to be attended leads you to the balcony. This might seems a small part of your house but it complements your joy in every possible way.

Today, we have compiled 6 amazing décor inspirations to refresh and revive your balcony once again. Read down and enrich yourself with these amazing concepts!

1. Add a Small Table

All you need is to enjoy the morning breeze and coffee on your balcony table with a cozy chair. Pick the one that can fold up easily so you can store it away if necessary.

2. Bring in Greenery for Serene Relaxation

Grow an indoor garden at your balcony to create the feel of that space you have always wanted. Add some planters filled with lush plants and herbs to make your balcony smell as good as it looks!

You can create a terrace-style veranda with all the greenery and minimal hues of mind blogging colors to enhance the appearance. Choose plenty of air-purifying plants and use huge ceramic pots to sheath the plants. You can also hang some pots to make it look even more heavenly-liked.

3. Install Built-In Seating

Choose a perfect corner and install a built-in bench seating. To make sure they are rain-resistant, treat them with weatherproof stain and screw in a few corner braces to secure them from the strong high winds.

4. Add Colorful Setting and Flowers

If you are that kind of person who loves colors in everything, focus on what makes the colors than just crumbling the already less space with everything. After furnishing a simple sofa or a built-in chair, adorn the finish with colorful quilts and embellished covers. You can also use a vintage-style cycle pot crowned with miniature flowering plants to decorate your balcony.

Next, move on to add a touch of décor with a wall sticker of your choice. Finish the look by hanging a painting. You can also highlight the ambiance with some lighting that we will cover later.

5. Light It Up

Install an outdoor pendant or sconces to give yourself plenty of light for some late-night hangouts or merely for the atmosphere. You can also go for string lights or lanterns if you don’t want to do major construction.

6. Add Accessories in Vintage and Contemporary Form

If you want to be bold and design your balcony like a major part of your space at home, you can decorate your balcony into a fusion of interiors that focus on giving your home a grand touch of royalty or vintage feel.

Furnish an integral part of the balcony by mounting a wooden cross-grilled chandelier chained to the ceiling above the table or mount a big LED TV overlooking a low built draw-style cupboard housing your important accessories. You can also pick a few vintage-style brass jugs or bamboo lantern to ornate the look.

Take something innovative to utilize all the space with something interesting and useful.

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