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6 Things Happy People Have in Their Homes

Well, who doesn’t want to always be happy and feel happy? Here are six ideas you may not have considered that could make a real difference in your day-to-day satisfaction at home. You probably have most of this stuff already, so here’s why you should love it. These 6 things are not hard to get, but they have significant impacts that will make you instantly happier.

1. A Hobby

People who have a hobby tend to be more satisfied and happy because they get to spend time doing what they enjoy. It’s so nice to come home from work or take an hour away from doing chores on the weekend to focus on something that is purely for you and for fun. It’s not about the hobby, but it’s all about the act of prioritizing yourself, loving yourself first, and putting your happiness above other things.

If you love to bake, figure out a way to store the necessary supplies — even if your kitchen is tiny.

2. A Plant

Studies have shown nature to be calming to our psyche, so one way to feel happier in your space is to bring in plants or flowers. Maybe it’s the feeling of caring for a living thing that makes us happier. We just know that plants are always a good idea for a calm and happy home.

Bringing nature into your home definitely has powerful psychological effects. We associate comfort with curvy shapes and not spiky plants, which make us more alert. Houseplants have the added benefit of helping to refresh the air in a room and making you healthier. Experts say that even having natural wood furniture in your home partnered with green accessories or wall paint can bring that outdoor feeling inside.

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3. An Almost-used-up Luxury

Why almost used up? Because it’s evidence that you’re enjoying it! What’s the point of splurging on a beautiful candle or a cashmere throw if you’re only going to store it away (most people do not realize that they are actually doing it). Happy people know that treating themselves to simple little pleasures every day is a big step towards all-the-time satisfaction. Go ahead and use the thing you’ve been saving for a “special occasion.” That day is today!

4. A Mess

Happy people know how to live in the moment and they know that obsessing over a mess is just no fun. Sure, there are times when you have to buckle down and get things clean, but those times can wait until the fun is over. There’s no need to fret about making a mess while you’re having a party, doing a craft project or cooking a huge meal. The chores will get done eventually and in the meantime, you’re really living the life you will never regret!

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5. Display Meaningful Objects

Displaying meaningful objects have something going for them that no new piece ever can replace history. When you decide what to keep based on what sparks joy, you are establishing and reaffirming to yourself what is most important to you.

It’s not about the latest home design styles—it’s how an object makes you feel. Do you still love showing off that soccer trophy from third grade? Keep it! As far as how much to display, balance out the chaos in your life with a visually quieter environment.

6. Make Bedroom a Retreat

Our mood improves when we wake up “on the right side of the bed” after a good night’s sleep. One way to feel more relaxed is to banish any reminders of unpleasant tasks in the bedroom. Ideally, the bedroom should be one space to keep tidy. Blackout curtains can also ensure the room is dark enough for good sleep. It’s also better for our health when the conditions are darker for sleep.

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