6 Learning Curves That Will Make Your Apartment Feel More Grown Up

When you move into your first apartment or decorate your dorm room, it can feel “done” the moment you tape a poster to the wall. But as you get older, and your tastes start to change and you might start looking for ways to make your apartment better and feel more grown-up.

No matter how tight your budget is, you can transform your space in as little time as a day or two. The easiest and cheapest way to make your apartment feel more grown-up is simple: declutter all rooms, especially the bathroom, and maintain a daily cleaning schedule. Always make your bed in the morning, and keep dirty laundry out of sight.

1. Organize Your Alcohol

If you have wine bottles clustered up on your counter, consider getting a wine rack to display them properly. They range from simple wall shelves to kitchen islands and intricate wall art. If you don’t mind having something bulkier than a rack, there are also wine refrigerators with glass window doors. That way your wine is kept chilled and ready to drink!

2. Update Your Lighting

Do yourself a favor and do away with tiny plastic lamps, and those paper things you had in high school. No tiny lamps on end tables or nightstands. Get something that makes a statement and fills your space with light.

3. Get Yourself One Quality Item

One great statement piece can really dress up a room and make you your place feel more complete. So, if you can afford it, get one or two high-quality pieces that you intend to own for years, if not decades to come.

4. Pick Up Some White Sheets

Follow the lead of hotels everywhere and buy yourself some white sheets. If you walk into the bedrooms of your friends, you’ll notice immediately: beds with white sheets feel ‘adult,’ beds with colored sheets don’t. When you think about it, it makes sense why that is. White sheets seem clean and classic, while linens with designs and images can seem a bit childish.

5. Decorate With Books

You probably have a ton of books lying around, so go ahead and use them to your advantage — instead of shoving them under your bed, or letting them gather dust in the corner. Decorating with books is one of the most affordable ways to design. Consider piling them next to your couch, displaying a few of the greats on your coffee table, or stacking them sideways on your shelves. It’ll help add interest and texture to your space, and show that you’re well-read.

6. Fill Your Space With Plants

Nothing updates a space quicker than a few cute succulents, fig trees, cacti, or monsteras. There are several different types and sizes for every living situation. They help purify the air, boost your mood, and reduce stress and anxiety. Some houseplants, like aloe, can be used for medicinal purposes as well. So pop off to your nearest plant store and stock up.

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