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6 Family Christmas Activities To Get Everyone in Christmas Spirit

The holiday rituals you start today with your kids will become the good memories your family has in the future. From counting down the days until Christmas arrives, the little things you do to celebrate Christmas will be what your kids look forward to all year long.

Plus, who doesn’t look forward to it since months away? Christmas traditions have been on my mind all year long. But what sort of fun Christmas traditions you want your kids to have when they grow up? Christmas traditions are one of the most fun ways I can think of to create those memories.

There’s nothing we don’t love about Christmas! The food, the tree, the songs, the movies, games, the gift-giving – there are so many great traditions that we all take part in.

1. Create a Countdown Routine

Buy an advent calendar based on your kids’ favorite activities and watch as they get a new goodie each day. But it’s even more fun to make your own. You can buy a piece of fabric or wooden calendar, or make your own. Fill those bags, boxes, or drawers with love notes, candy, small toys, or ideas for good deeds they can do that day to spread good cheer.

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2. Send Christmas Cards

There’s no Christmas card more special than a homemade Christmas card. So, send some season’s greetings to your friends and families. Send them to your nearest and dearest using printable cards or DIY cards.

Your holiday cards just might be the only postal mail you send all year, so make sure writing them out is a big to-do. You can also blast Christmas songs as you all write addresses or stick stamps to uplift the spirit. The cards are certainly more delightful to receive than the usual hauls of bills and junk mail once in a blue moon.

This can be a project that the whole family must be involved in. Set out some stencils, glitter, colored paper, and stickers, and send them to your inner circle – your family will love receiving a handmade creation from you, and they’ll have great fun making them too!

3. Bake Christmas-sy Food

Nothing says Christmas like some brilliant bakes. So get your pinny on and flour those work surfaces, because it’s time to get messy! Make some delicious Chelsea buns, ginger breadman, some fun snowman-inspired cookies or Christmas tree-shaped biscuits!

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4. Ditch Gifts and Take A Family Vacation

You could even save money by forgoing the trimmings and jumping on a plane to Disneyland, or maybe spending a quiet week on a beach? Memories you’ll make will last far longer than the legos you buy, and you will actually enjoy the break too!

5. Write Letters to Santa

Write letters to Santa with your kids and send them off. The truth is you don’t have to tell the kids, but you really should keep these letters in an album. Bring them out to look back on when your kids have kids!

6. Find Ways to Give Back

You can also volunteer, raise money, or donate toys and clothes you don’t use anymore. Another interesting way to celebrate and give back at the same time is to fill the sack with old toys and games for the elves to ‘pick up.’ That is one way to de-clutter your house with your kids!

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