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6 Expert-Approved Bedroom Tips To Help You Go From Zero To Zen

1. Pay Special Attention to Your Bed

The bed is always the focal point of the room so it’s important to play it up. Therefore, use the biggest bed that won’t throw off a room’s scale. This means for a full, queen, and king-sized bed, you should be able to fit a nightstand comfortably on each side of the bed.

Makes sure the bed faces the doorway and can immediately be seen when entering the room. (It’s a Feng Shui tenet!) Now, what to put on the bed? Bedding can make or break a bedroom. Details like layering the bedding can make a huge difference.

In terms of bedding color, go neutral. The right bedding can give the whole room a luxurious feel. Fluffy bedspreads, comforters, and duvets appear to be the most inviting,

2. Add Some Greenery

A plant on a nightstand or a fig tree in the corner will make the room more inviting. The green color also pops nicely in a neutral room.

3. Go For Neutral Walls

People want to walk into a bedroom and feel relaxed and comfortable, so the wall color is very important. A neutral palette is best. Any color that feels serene or gives you that spa feel is perfect. Your picks? Grays, light blues, and beiges.

4. Avoid Being Match-y

Primarily, avoids using matching furniture because it dulls down the personality of a room. But this extends to décor as well. Mixing it all up and adding multiple layers of textures and colors: think old with new, metallics with matte jewel tones, and shaggy blanket textures with soft pillows, for example. Hanging a large framed vintage photograph in an otherwise modern space.

5. Add Some Texture

Rugs and floor accessories are a great way to bring texture into a home and make it feel cozy. Try layering a flat Turkish rug with cowhide to give your bedroom a modern look while filling up boring floor space.

6. Go Minimal On The Nightstands

Stick with just one or two small accessories on the bedside tables. Opt for high-end looking light fixtures for the bedside tables, plus a small stack of books and a plant, or perhaps flowers and/or candles.

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