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Malaysia Home Deco : 6 Clever Ways to Maximize Your Space in a Tiny House

Living in a small studio apartment within 400sqft means you are faced with a major task: Transform one space into the kitchen, bedroom, living room, office, and possibly more. Fitting everything into one small space is a difficult and challenging task. Yet, that is also what makes small space design so much fun and joy. Here, we are going to share with you some of the clever ways to make the most of every square feet and use space in a smarter way.

1. Utilize Wall Space

Undoubtedly, walls are every home’s number one unexploited resource. When you think of walls, you think of hanging pictures on it. But do walls really only serve as one function? We must explore the walls in our home especially if you live in a small space.

  • Install many hooks on the wall and hang your bags, shades, hats, jackets, or anything else you can possibly think of.
  • Grow a living wall plant in order to have some greenery at home without taking up any table or floor space for pots.
  • Hang some of your nice dress or skirts that you particularly love to save some room space in the closet.  
  • Hang extra pieces of furniture like fold-up chairs and tables to act as decorative items.
  • Install wall sconces for lighting instead of table lights to save surface space.
  • Give the wall a cheerful color such as this pale turquoise hue to set a happy mood in a tiny room.
  • Get a mounted wall desk that takes up way lesser room space. You can even mount shelves above everything for even more storage space.
  • Display a gallery wall of paintings and artwork above eye level to give the illusion of a tall ceiling.
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2. Create Optical Illusions with Your Curtains and Mirrors

This is the oldest design trick in the book. Curtains hung above the window impart airiness and height. A big mirror can also help make your space feel larger, brighter, lighter, and airier.  

3. Shrink Your Dining Table

Ditch the giant dining table and opt for a small round table to give yourself some extra space.

4. Pick Furniture that Do Double Duty

Choosing furniture that can serve multiple purposes are a big life-saver in studio apartments. Get a table that can function as a desk and a dining table. Instead of putting a table next to your sofa, consider a side chair to save space. You should also pick a deep sofa that can double as a guest bed and a hidden storage or buy cubes that serve as a coffee table and bonus seats when guests are over.  That way you get a table, seating, and storage all in one.

5. Use All Available Surface Space

Utilize every available space you can find at home. Even a windowsill can provide extra storage space for décor and other essentials when there’s no room for an extra table.

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6. Use the Space Over Doorways

The few inches between the top of the doorway and the ceiling are often just the right size for a shelf to hold books, winter jackets, storage baskets, or other knick-knacks.

Living in a small space can be a challenge, but not impossible. When we purge, get creative, and embrace our small space. Don’t forget to look up and go vertical to see if there is more space for additional shelves.  

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