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5 Tips for Making Your Home Instagram-Worthy in 2020

Everyone wants their home to look good. But in the age of social media, “Good” has taken on a whole new meaning. It’s not just about finding the right color scheme or showing off a beautiful couch, but you also want your home to look photogenic. When you snap a photo of your family on a game night, your living room stands out as much as everyone’s smiles.

1. Tell a Story

A photo posted on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter represents just a single moment in your life. But what draws people in is when that photo manages to “tell a genuine story behind the photo.

In your own home, a family room that evokes a Swiss chalet tells others that comfort is a priority for you. Or a dining table set for 16 shows that you love having people over.

To help give your story life, giving the photo caption some thought is as important as the photo itself. If you post a photo of coffee and toast at the breakfast nook in your kitchen, include a story about how your morning routine sets you up for the day to your followers.

2. Strike a Balance between Real and Curated

If you manage to master the curated and professional look in your social media photos, don’t forget to occasionally post a “real” photo to show you’re still human. The truth is people actually like seeing a little bit more of the real-life than the super-curated look.

You might post a photo of your kitchen cleaned to perfection with all the ingredients for a smoothie perfectly placed in a bowl. But also consider posting a picture when that smoothie gets dropped on the floor and your dog starts lapping it up. Combining aspirational with relatable can make your Instagram account one that people want to follow.

3. Style a Spot That Will Make People Want to Pose

In an office building, a classic car set in the bar area is one plan in the works. Residents and guests won’t be able to stop themselves from climbing in to take a selfie. Plus, it helps evoke the fun-loving feel of the community.

You know your house is the stuff of Instagram envy when others want to snap a photo in it too.

Of course, classic cars don’t fit in most residential living rooms. But a bench in your garden framed by colorful flowers is a spot that friends will always want a picture. Similarly, a swinging chair with colorful pillows in your living room will make it hard for guests to resist striking a pose.

4. Get People Excited to Visit Your Home

One reason to make your home Instagram-worthy is so your friends and family will want to spend time there, if not copy your interior design style.

Use social media to draw attention to your event so guests will look forward to it. If your Instagram posts a couple of days prior show that you have a great time getting your house ready, you may have fewer no-shows.

Incorporating friends and family members with infectious personalities helps as well. For example, if you’re trying to get your entire group of friends to attend your holiday party, posting an Instagram shot or story “making Christmas cookies three days in advance” with your best friend helping you could attract more attendances.

5. Add Life to Space

Give any photo a boost by adding a living subject. Plants, flowers, a pet or even a baby could add a bit of life to your space.

Even without pets or kids, plants can help a photo feel more alive. People enjoy seeing them and often want to replicate the look by making plants stand out in a room.

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