5 Common Home Decorating Mistakes That Most Homeowners Make

No matter how many Pinterest Photos you have scrolled through, or have surfed various design websites to find inspiration, or even read all the décor magazines, home decoration is a matter of personal taste. A well-decorated home is a good mix of utility, comfort, and elegance. Often than not, the best judges are still the ones who live in them.

With the help of interior designers, we can take a few little tweaks to beautify our place. Here are the 5 common home decorating mistakes that most homeowners make and some advice on how to avoid them. If your house reflects any of these mistakes, these are some ways to fix them.

1. Too Many Items

Many homeowners hold onto an item for too long that they don’t fit with the new aesthetic anymore. This is a beginner mistake and many homeowners do not realize it. You may be a travel lover and you have traveled to many countries and gathered a lot of collectibles that you cherish. Slowly, you will find yourself keeping all these items and as a result – catastrophe.

A cluttered home stresses yourself as well as your guests. Unless a piece holds significant emotional value, there are always better ways to decorate your home with these items than to store them away or place them all in one place. You can arrange your materials in color-coordinated sets or rotate them once in every three months to get a new look.

2. Paint First and Plan Later

Another huge mistake that new homeowners make is to paint their house in a hurry. Even if you haven’t purchased your furniture, do not color an empty house. What if you get a great deal of a red sofa after painting your wall green? Therefore, it is best to opt for soft and neutral paint color on the walls that can give you the flexibility to pick and choose your next item.

Most of the homeowners end up paying for dearly when they could have avoided this huge mistake. You should always first settle on the kind of furniture you want before you decide on the wall paint color. That way, you will not be limited to choosing what type and color of furniture you need to match with the walls.

Another mistake that most homeowners believe is that when everything matches, it is all attractive. We often match our furniture, sofas, carpets, or throw with the wall paint, which is wrong. Monotony happens when a single color run through the entire room and such looks create dullness instantly. Adding some uniqueness in your home will surely intrigue anyone who steps into your house.

3. Choosing Furniture That is the Wrong Size

Getting the right size of furniture that matches your room space is essential. You may be having a great ideal of decorating your bedroom, but space might be limiting your imagination. You need to take into consideration to match your furniture with the space you have without having to squeeze a giant recliner or a nightstand beside your bed.

Make sure to measure the dimensions of your room space and any potential furniture you wish to place in it.  Make your room cozy and breathable, not overcrowded.

4. Gaudy Colors

Extremely bright colors such as shocking pink or yellow can be a disaster for a house after the joy in decorating your homes wears off. Homeowners often regret such a decision they made when they are too excited about moving into their new home. The only way to fix such mistakes is to cover up with a soft-colored wallpaper.

When entering into a house, the first thing people notice is the color scheme. While you want your room to be colorful and vibrant, sloppy execution may lead to eye fatigue. Start with neutral tones accented with some touch of your favorite color to create a well-balanced look.

5. Balancing Your Artwork Gallery

A common mistake that people often made is hanging art too high. The rule of thumb is to keep it at eye level which gives people a sense of connection. Nobody will look at your artwork if you place it too high above your furniture.

Another mistake that we make is to have too many large personal photos on display. Pregnancy photos, engagement photos, or family portraits can be overwhelming and make your guests feel uncomfortable. Change a large portrait into a photo wall of smaller pictures instead and decorate it into a stylish and less intrusive way.

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