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Malaysia Home Deco : 5 Absolutely Stunning White Christmas Decorations to Elevate Christmas Spirit in Your House!

We have all dreamt of celebrating White Christmas with snowflakes and snowmen around us. Fortunately, we can now create White Christmas and bring it home too! Go for an all-white Christmas décor that gives an appearance of light and airy space, full of depth and dimension. When snow is scarce, there’s still room for pretty paper snowflakes, intricate doilies, and other wintry white decorating ideas.

You can even turn your home into a white Disney wonderland with matching Christmas decorations with just a click away! This is definitely achievable! White is a timeless color that fits any setting and style. Besides, it also brings much winter charm into your place especially when we live in a tropical country.

So, here are 5 absolutely stunning white Christmas decorations to help elevate the Christmas spirit in your house, regardless of the climate.

1. White Christmas Trees

A snowy white Christmas tree is a nice idea not only for an all-white Christmas celebration, but it may be a nice idea for other styles and decors too.

First of all, you may opt for only white lights and white trees. However, you can be bold enough to decorate it with gold color ornaments to enhance the appearance. You may also decorate it with white ornaments, garlands, beads, socks, flower, opulent ribbon, or add a touch of color with metallic ornaments, too.

You may go for white pinecones, faux fur, fake berries, and foliage to give your tree a whimsy and very chic look. A flocked Christmas tree with faux fur, pearl white ornaments, and silver bright leaves can instantly create a chic Christmas spirit.

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2. White Christmas Decor

Start making a white Christmas wreath of vine, fake leaves, berries, and maybe blooms or whitewashed evergreens and pinecones. You can also DIY some white ornaments such as wood, clay, plastic, and any other materials you have at hand.

Make white throws with large pompoms, faux fur rugs, furniture covers, pillowcases, and other stuff to style your sofas and chairs. Attach oversized white paper ornaments and use whitewashed Christmas trees and pinecones to style your Christmas table.

Don’t forget about faux animal figurines in white. For example, you can use deer, hares, moose, owls, and others that are sure to make your decor whimsy and add an original touch to it.

Whites can be also paired with silver and gold to add a shiny touch yet to keep them neutral still. Take a look at more ideas below and get inspired to recreate a winter wonderland at home!

Besides, you can also create a beautiful effect of snow with lighting plays across its surface. Get that effect indoors by designing a lighted doily wreath using a wreath wire frame strung with golden lights nestled within doily-like paper bouquet holders.

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3. White Candles

Place decorative simple, clean, and classy white candles everywhere in your home. They always make a beautiful magical winter Christmas effect. Their white shades fit every décor scheme with understated elegance.

Christmas white decorations are very extremely unique and rare that it gives your house a light and airy feeling full of depth and dimension of winter white. Here are a few of my favorite pieces for a white Christmas.

Lastly, you can also welcome guests with the golden light of holiday candles by lining them on your steps to illuminate your walkway and bring charm to your front door.

4. Snow-dusted Stairs

There are so many creative ways to decorate your banister for the holidays. You can decorate it with few snow-dusted garlands, silky white ribbons, and some white roses. But nothing screams the fun of the holidays quite like with some chicly white wrapped presents along the stairs.

5. Hanging Paper Snowflakes

Place paper snowflakes around the house to add shimmery snow effects in your house! Make them out of paper and for extra sparkle, add on some glitter. Hang flakes on loops of thread or monofilament and attach to the ceiling with white paper tape.

You can also make reusable snowflakes to add some extra wintry wonder this holiday season. They’re also the perfect stand-in for when a white Christmas isn’t in the forecast.

This year, a little bit merry in the house brings in the wonder and magic of the holiday season with white Christmas tree decor for an elegant and sophisticated look. So, why not go all out with your holiday decor and try out something new to fascinate your guests?

Don’t forget to let us know in the comments below what you love about decorating the Christmas tree!

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