Museum Of The Future: The World’s Most Complex Structure

Humans are always anxious to know what the future holds for them. The new Museum of the Future is a unique initiative taken by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, as a part of one of the ambitious projects in the lead up to the Expo 2020.

This LEED-certified building is designed by Killa Designs and is scheduled to be inaugurated this year (2020). The Museum of the Future will be located near the Emirates Towers near Sheikh Zayed Road. It is expected to be a revolutionary building which will explore the future of artificial intelligence and other innovative technologies in Dubai.

Apart from being a tourist attraction, the Museum of the Future will also provide a platform for advanced courses, specialized workshops, science conferences, and prototype testing of the latest inventions and new start-ups.

The Building Designed By an Algorithm

It is not just the unusual profile that marks the building out from the hundreds of other construction sites across the emirate. As each panel of the facade is fixed in place, more of the Arabic calligraphy that will adorn the exterior of the 78m-high museum comes into view.

The museum directors have not yet revealed what the words say, but it is known to be phrases of poetry written by Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who is also the vice president and prime minister of the United Arab Emirates.

The cursive scripts double as the windows of the museum. Each of the 1,024 panels is unique and requires complex engineering before it even arrives at the site. By day, they cast dappled light throughout the column-free interior; at night, they will be illuminated to dramatic effect by 14 kilometers of LED lighting.


The Museum of the Future Dubai is shaped like a lustrous silver oval with an open center. The building looks like an eye being kept over the city. The art and poetry are the evident aspects of the building design of the Museum of the Future.

“The future belongs to those who can imagine it, design it, and execute it. It isn’t something you await, but rather create.”

The exterior of the Museum of the Future is inspired by the aviation industry. It uses 890 stainless steel and fiberglass panels. Floors are the only horizontal surfaces in the building. In this Museum of the Future, the envelope is doing the waterproofing, the airtightness, the structure, and the lighting. The Museum of the Future Dubai is not meant to be based on the past. It is supposed to be an incubator for innovation and what the future would be like.

The museum’s exhibitions also will emphasize sustainability. There will be entire floors dedicated to climate change, as well as outer space and the future of healthcare and wellness. The museum’s framework, comprising 2,400 diagonally intersecting steel members, was completed in November 2018; the facade panels now are being lifted into place. The museum is due to open in a year – a momentous time for Dubai as it will be hosting the World Expo from 20 October 2020.


It is based on advanced wearable devices that focus on using the combination of sensor devices and applications to create an incredible visitor experience. The companies contacted include IDENTIGY Technology L.L.C. (UAE), (UAE), PoP-IQ (USA), and SENSOREE (USA).


This challenge is based on AI Guides and Social Companions. The visitors will get personalized visitor experiences through the use of conversational chatbots. The companies contacted in this regard are Huawei (China), Snips (UK), Art Processors (Australia), and Unified Inbox (Russia).


This challenge is based on VR and AR Experience. The visitors will get a dynamic interactive experience in the Museum of the Future. It can also be shared with people irrespective of digital and physical boundaries. The companies contacted are Digital Communication LLC (UAE), HOLOTRONICA (UK), SPACES (USA), and HTC VIVE (Taiwan).

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