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4 Hot Interior Design Trends for 2020 That You Should Never Miss

Tracking the décor that’s trending is often more about inspiration than an instant overhaul. After all, the style that speaks to you may be a reflection of your personality rather than a prescriptive one-size-fits-all formula.

But every now and then we could all use a little change. And whether you’re tired of looking at the same old design scheme, need a small refresh or simply like to follow what’s new now, taking your cue from design trends can help you figure out just how to update your home. We asked top design pros for their take on what’s hot for 2020. 

1. Calming Colors

Colors that soothing and easy to live with, are showing up in everything from wall colors and furnishings to fabrics and accessories. We are seeing these soft, pretty hues act as a safe way to move into interior color, as many people have expressed a sense of color deprivation after several years of neutrals dominating the color schemes of many interiors. 

2. Materiality Made to Order

Due to a strong interest in superior craftsmanship, quality and materiality are key. Consumers are more interested in the backstory of what they are bringing into the home. This means they’re more concerned with buying quality over quantity to create a bespoke home. 

Mixing metals in unique ways is another example of how the look is expressed—a nickel faucet with brass lighting or oil rubbed bronze hardware and satin brass accents, for instance. The mix is purposeful and elevates the design. 

3. Laid-back Luxury

More and more people are forgoing stiff, formal interiors that feel more like museums than actual homes in favor of a relaxed living lifestyle.

We’re noticing that interior design seems to be loosening up and are pushing boundaries in ways they hadn’t before. In these stressful times, people are increasingly seeing their homes as sanctuaries, so it follows that a more relaxed, even rumpled environment feels more soothing and comforting.

There’s been a move toward livable luxury and curated design. It tells more about the person and what their favorite things are. The most beautiful interiors have a sense of pieces collected over time. 

Slow design, which focuses on the materials, the origin of the piece and how it’s made, taking the environment and sustainability into account, has become more mainstream. People are caring more about the provenance of a piece that’s well rather than instant, click-to-order mass production. Designers will have to overcome the idea of the ‘extreme makeover’ and start investing their ideas into juicy statement pieces of lighting, furniture, and accessories. 

4. Warm Woods

Natural woods with tones varying from bleached to dark are not only coveted but they’re also being given expression in interesting ways. They’re coming in to play through unique touches, such as vertical cording on kitchen cabinetry, which adds both texture and an unexpected design element.

Designers are also adding visual interest to white cabinetry by breaking it up with wood drawers, shelves, and pull-outs. We’re even seeing people adding wood accents to range hoods, which brings a little bit of warmth and texture into the sightline and helps break up large expanses of cabinetry that are often painted white or grey.

Aside from traditional woods, there’s also been increased interest in next-generation timber, such as cross-laminated timber and glulam, engineered wood beams composed of wood laminations. The sustainability and cost-saving aspects provided by these materials are attractive to clients and create a faster, more efficient building process.

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