Malaysia Home Appliances: 4 Best Dehumidifiers for Your Home

A dehumidifier helps to reduce excess moisture in the air and control dust mites and allergens from growing. It clears out odors and is considered a necessity if you live in a warm and humid climate.

If you suffer from allergies or asthma, a good home dehumidifier may be able to help minimize the symptoms. Mold and pollen can trigger asthma attack anytime if you do not install a dehumidifier in your room to prevent mold and mildew buildup. Dehumidifiers are usually placed in closets or other smaller areas such as bathrooms where too much moisture can cause a problem.

Features to Consider When You’re Buying a Dehumidifier:


When choosing a dehumidifier, it is important to contemplate the size of the area you wish to dehumidify and the amount of power you expect the machine to consume.

A Mid-size model can remove 30 to 50 pints of moisture from the air in a 24-hour time frame. These models are typically light-weight and portable. They can easily be transported from room to room according to your needs. On the other hand, a larger capacity model is designed for larger rooms (1,500 sq. ft and more) or damper conditions. They can remove 70 to 90 pints of moisture from the air in a 24-hour time frame.

Energy Performance

Dehumidifier energy performance is rated by the amount of water extracted every hour versus the amount of energy consumed during the process. Low-level units usually consume less power, but they may not be effective enough for your humidity needs. To get maximum efficiency, look for models that are ENERGY STAR certified. If you are hardworking enough, look for these features as well:

  • Filter Indicator Setting Alerts: A dehumidifier that will alerts you when the air filter needs to be cleaned.
  • Auto-Defrost: A dehumidifier that keeps units from freezing in colder environments.
  • Auto Reset: A dehumidifier that restarts the unit to its previous setting after a power loss.
  • Auto-Humidistat: A dehumidifier that senses the moisture level in the area around it and automatically shuts the unit off to save energy once the desired humidity level is reached.
  • Low-Temperature Setting: This allows the unit to operate in temperatures as low as 5 degree Celsius.

If you are a person who is always not around the house during the day and are worried about keeping your dehumidifier running for a long period, get a model with an auto-humidistat. This feature will help you automatically shut off the device once the humidity level is attained. For maximum efficiency, get the “Energy Star” qualified unit that has undergone government testing and adheres to energy-efficient practices.

1. KEMING Mini Dehumidifier (Best mini dehumidifier for Small Spaces)

Don’t underestimate a mini dehumidifier. It does the job well especially during hot days despite its size. If you are a light sleeper, this model has a subtle noise that is enough for you to get a good night sleep. On top of that, it works well even in bathrooms.

Key Features:

  • Noise reduction
  • Ultra-quiet with less than 30dB
  • Suitable for pregnant women, babies, and senior citizens
  • Remove moistures
  • One button switch, simple as plug and play
  • Covers up to 20 square feet
  • Removable Water Tank
  • Water tank capacity of 500ml

NOTE: This is not a humidifier and cannot put aroma oil

  • Brand: Keming
  • Color: Black body with Red details
  • Material: ABS
  • Voltage: 110-240V 50Hz-60Hz
  • Working Voltage: DC9V
  • Power: 25W
  • Dehumidification: 200ml/24hours
  • Coverage Area: 20 square feet
  • Size: 165mm*125mm*225mm
  • Tank Capacity: 500ml

Selling Price: RM88.00

2. MeiLing MD-01 Dehumidifier (Best for babies and asthma)

Babies and people with respiratory problems such as asthma are easily affected by poor air quality. This dehumidifier help removes harmful contaminants, make sure that the air is fresh. Moreover, the noise levels can be adjusted, making it soundless enough for babies. 

Key Features:

  • More effective and lower cost than moisture absorber packs
  • Easy to operate
  • Model: MD-01
  • Voltage: 220V / 50Hz
  • Dehumidification capacity: Up to 950ml / day
  • Tank capacity: 1.5L
  • Electricity consumption: 75W
  • Weight: 1.8 Kg
  • Size: 250mm (W) x 135mm (D) x 360mm (H)

Selling Price: RM329.00

3. Delonghi DEX16F Dehumidifier (Best quiet dehumidifier with humidistat)

To reach the level of humidity in your home and room to an optimal level, invest in this dehumidifier as it comes with a humidistat. This model is slightly more expensive compared to other brands, but it has better features and operates in an extremely low noise level. It also comes with an ultimate portable function integrated directly into product body for easier transportation. Not only does this multipurpose dehumidifier removes humidity in the air, but it also helps to dry up your clothes and contribute to clean air.

Key Features:

  • Laundry Function: Optimise ventilation speed and dehumidifying capacity to help speed up laundry drying.
  • Allergens are eliminated
  • Optimized compressor minimizes energy consumption for prolonged use
  • Noise reduction
  • Removes up to 16 liters of excess moisture per 24 hours

Selling Price: RM1,118.00

4. De’Longhi DEX14 Dehumidifier (Best dehumidifier for rooms )

Feeling irritated with the amount of mold in your home? This dehumidifier from De’Longhi can solve your problems! With the built-in air filtration, it will improve the air quality in your rooms and remove excess moisture. Although it does not come with a humidistat and has a slight operating noise, it is still an excellent quality product that gets the job done.

Key Features:

  • Removes humidity in excess
  • Removable water tank (capacity: 2.1 l.)
  • Dry Clothes function
  • Washable anti-dust filter.
  • Electronic anti-frost device
  • Continuous drainage hose provided
  • Integrated handle to maximize appliance portability

Selling Price: RM959.00

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